2014 Maybach Coupe

July 10th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Maybach

2014 Maybach Coupe based Coupe next week of the during the auto show in an elaborate ceremony held in the gardens of 2014 Maybach Coupe on the poshness of the event is no great surprise to the given that the car costs approximately 2014 Maybach Coupe.Based on a 2014 Maybach Coupe originates from the dramatic of the looking in a prototype first shown in  the designer behind both vehicles, though the 2014 Maybach Coupe  is much less over the top than the outrageous.

2014 Maybach Coupe is refined enough to look as though it came direct from the Maybach factory. However to there is a premium to be paid when you opt to turn this German ultra of the luxury 2014 Maybach Coupe into a 2 of the door the 2014 Maybach Coupe costs roughly to more than the 2014 Maybach Coupe.

2014 Maybach Coupe modifications made during the transformation include new doors with frameless side of the screens to a more steeply raked windshield and rear window  a lower roofline to a new front and rear fenders  along with a rear track that has been widened by 0.7 inches. 2014 Maybach Coupe can choose from 20  or 21 in a wheels to the along with an optional glass roof  multi of the layered matte finish brass paint to a complemented by silver paintwork along the sides. The cabin is finished in natural  non of the dyed buffalo hide and dark nappa leather in espresso brown even the footwells are covered in blackberry hued 2014 Maybach Coupe.

Power comes from the same 6.0 of the liter V-12 engine and 5 to the speed automatic  find in the Maybach 57S to mention the substantially less expensive mechanically the car remains standard because 2014 Maybach Coupe wanted the car to be servicable by any 2014 Maybach Coupe dealer around to the world. So to a while in a have the standard cars 6.0 of the liter twin of the turbo V12 engine that produces 621 of the hp now also have a sportier looking body to travel around in.

And how much would it cost to have this conversion done 2014 Maybach Coupe as much as the original donor car.2014 Maybach Coupe will cost you a cool that is a very nearly Bugatti Veyron money.2014 Maybach Coupe despite the stratospheric price tag  to has sold quite a few of these uber of the coupes through their three main distributors  the factory itself in 2014 Maybach Coupe a dealer in a and an armor car firm in 2014 Maybach Coupe.

Finding in a one of these rare exotics we would thus be hard to but we have 2014 Maybach Coupe is looking for a new home it is listed for sale at an exotic car dealership in 2014 Maybach Coupe according to the advert to it has  mileage on it  while it is sitting at a used exotic car store to the car is still 2014 Maybach Coupe.

2014 Maybach Coupe Colors

2014 Maybach Coupe Colors

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